Why learn with us?


Because we think that it takes too long to get there alone.
This is why we created a complete interactive course that will help you master carving on your snowboard.
By interactive we mean that this is a course flexible enough to follow your learning curve, regardless for example of how your group advances. Everyone learns differently!
Softbooter or hardbooter, the fact is that you usually don’t see how you really ride and when you do, it turns out there is a big difference in what you think you do and what you actually do.
Let us analyse how you ride. We will focus on those aspects of your riding technique that can be tuned the most efficiently, providing a solid foundation on which you can progress. Let’s get the basics right!
Starting from mastering the basic position on your board to how to deal with variable snow conditions or visibility, we will do our best to turn you into a universal soldier on the battlefield of carved turns.
Here at CarvingSkills, we base on ourselves on the style of ExtremeCarving, which is in fact one of the most demanding snowboarding styles but one with an immense payoff once mastered. But it really doesn’t really matter what riding style you prefer or if you don’t even have one or even want one, our goal first and foremost is carving WELL and then start working on touching the snow in every single turn, from now till forever.
We will do our best to make your experience as rewarding as possible regardless of bad weather, poor conditions, aching muscles, or just a bad day when nothing seems to be going right. We have all been there and we know how to make it right :-)