On skis by age 4, Rafal began ripping turns in snowboard hardboots back in 1996 until he matured enough to try softboots in 2013 :-) This past year was a milestone in his snowboarding career. While duck stance was never an option, he fell enough in love with buttering tricks to go all the way to became certified as a snowboarding instructor in Poland. That same winter, SWOARD certified him as a SWOARD ExtremeCarving instructor.



Placed on skis at just 2 years of age, Michael has been snowboarding in softboots since 1995 until making the switch to hardboots and alpine decks in 2007, right before his move to Europe from the USA. Always hungry for more, Michael’s been involved in all aspects of snowboarding including becoming certified as a snowboarding instructor in 2013. As an American, he is more in tune to the Bomber style of carving but enjoys the speed of race style and the thrill of ExtremeCarving.



Was snowboarding for most of his life. He says that he just had to do it. As one of the best instructors in South Africa, he was a leader of Tiffindell school for several years, couching how to ski and snowboard :-) He took part in FIS competitions, representing South Africa. He was certified as Snowboard and Ski Instructor by Polish Ministry of Sport and Education and is also doing a postgraduate diploma in Snowboard coaching at Krakow’s Academy of Physical Education.



Duck stance soldier who fights moguls with freestyle tricks, flies while we cut our turns and welcomes the sun up the hill while we wake up in far morning. 20+ years on board made him falling asleep with NeverSummer board next to him. He was certified as Snowboard Instructor by Polish Ministry of Sport and Education years ago.