What we want from YOU ?

You can expect that each course offered by CarvingSkills includes:
  • 6 snow-packed days in the Alps
  • 4 hours of  carving lessons on the slopes each day
  • 4+ hours of free riding, practicing what you learned with on-hands coaching
  • 2 hours of theory/video/photo analysis every evening
  • very intensive and preplanned course designed with a learning curve based the experience of SWOARD instructors
  • individual exercises to help you with any technique flaws
+ above all, an endless amount of fun
+ small groups 8-10 persons per instructor
– a reminder, this is no place for hi-octane alcohol binges -> we are here to ride ;)
Read more about Extremecarving course here…
You can also expect that we are here to be able to have fun despite bad weather, icy slope or any other disadvantages. You will discover how to have fun with your board ALWAYS period.
Of corse the truth is that it is not always possible to ride EC. Sometimes it’s just no visibility or something with the snow or you are too tired… We have seen riders who ride only when the conditions are perfect and only for few hours a day. We expect you want something more…  So we will also focus on how to ride in a a fog, how to deal with March snow and how to fight with steeps or simply how to carve it effortless and inspire spectators with always having so much fun with it!