SWOARD – your equipment should help you!

Here at CarvingSkills we do not differentiate softboots from hardboots. We don’t differ brands. We won’t tell you to change your board.
But we know that the right equipment WILL make it easier to carve effectively and, above all, successfully. As they say, always use the right tool for the right job. That is why we are very proud to ride on SWOARD snowboards as we feel that carving is made so easy with their boards.
Those boards are designed to be torsionally stiff. They are more soft than hard and perform very gently at the nose, allowing for a very predictable and stable ride. Those specific parameters correspond well with carving, especially when laying out deep extremecarving turns.
To share our passion with what these boards can offer regardless of skill level, anyone attending a CarvingSkills lesson or course can ride one of our DEMO boards the ENTIRE time free of charge.
Read more about the boards…
*LIMITED to DUALs 163, 168, and 175 and Extremecarvers 161M, 168M, 168H, 175M, and 175H.
It is also possible to try an Extremecarver PRO 175M; however, this is a private board so it won’t be let for long :-)
Interested in buying a board? Please visit swoard.com or if from Poland, Slovakia, or the Czech Republic please visit swoard.pl .

ExtremeCarving course – AGENDA

Day1: Safety is the key

– equipment setup, basic position
– basic carved turns
– rotational turns
– High/Low, Low/High turns
– speed control on steeps
– safety on the slope
– turning theory in detail
– introduction to ExtremeCarving

Day2: So you can carve a turn

– rotational carved turns
– High/Low and Low/High carved turns
–  rotation + PUSH/PULL
– safety
– timing turns and linking turns

Day3: Close to the snow

– frontside EC turn
– basic rotational PUSH/PULL carved turns
– speed control on steep slopes
– frontside EC turn in detail

Day4: Backside means stress fighting

-backside EC, nothing more!
– backside EC turn in detail

Day5: Time for a red slope?

– introduction to linked turns
– effective stop: backside EC turn 240-360+ degrees
– introduction to advanced carving methods
– equipment, cheating, different approaches to EC


Surprise :-)