A snowboard school designed to guide you through the incredible world of Extremecarving.
Extremecarving is the continuous linking of fully-laid turns, is a riding technique that is both directional and rotational. The goal is maximum contact with the snow, with the entire body laid out over its surface.
This technique was developed in 2002 by two great snowboarders, Patrice Fivat and Jacques Rilliet, who later founded their own company, SWOARD, to produce snowboards designed to excel in Extremecarving.
Our snowboard school does not negate any other riding styles or equipment settings, whether in softboots or hardboots, we just focus a specific way of riding that maximizes edge control with gentle edge-to-edge transitions.
It goes without saying that any video showing Extremecarving is nothing short of amazing and appears as if riders are bending the laws of physics! Watching the silky-smoothness of laying out your entire body on the snow during a high speed carve, we have all asked ourselves  if we could ever be able to ride like that…
…the answer is YES. Undeniably YES. Regardless of your riding experience, your weight, your fitness level. Believe me – I’ve done it! All it requires is learning a technique that can be shown to you in a few simple steps.
So eager rider, join us and let’s start the most fun and awesome form of snowboarding ever!